Contract Manufacturing

Custom production

Contract manufacturing is an important part of our business. We cooperate comprehensively and support the Client at every stage – starting from the idea of the device and ending with the final product. We create an individual offer for the needs of the Client and design a production process in accordance with the requirements of the contract. We are opened and flexible for every project.

Begining with the concept…

  • We discuss the idea.
  • We analyze the technological and market conditions.
  • We analyze the product at the concept level.

Through designing…

  • We prepare an electrical diagram.
  • We design a suitable PCB board.
  • We adapt the deivce to the installation requirements – we have a wide range of housings.
  • We design the wire harness with a dedicated connector.

Through prototype…

  • We prepare the prototype in several functional variants.
  • We prepare the prototype in several installation variants.

Through manufacturing…

  • We complete the components. We have the access to the best components at the lowest prices due to our variuos and long-term contracts.
  • We prepare the PCB board.
  • We perform SMD assembly.
  • We perform THT assembly.
  • We put the epoxy resign on the electronic board, making it resistant to vibration, dirt and water. Additionally, the epoxy resign prevents access to PCB and makes it impossible to copy the device.
  • We put the electronic board into the housing and put the wire harness outside.
  • We check the parameters of each piece.

To delivery of the final product…

  • We prepare the label and pack the product in accordance with the customers branding.
  • We deliver product to specific locations and time.

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