Back alarms


Back alarms – investment in safety

Nearly one fourth of the fatalities involving working vehicles happens while driving in reverse. Many more accidents lead to destruction of vehicles, equipment or other property. Most of them happen at low speeds and can be eliminated by applying simple security systems, which are sound back alarms.

Saving up on systems of work safety is a misunderstanding. One-time investment in safety may prevent various costs related to medical treatment of an employee and a damaged vehicle. In addition, there are other costs, which are not shown to the naked eyes such as costs of lost work during persons’ medical treatment or car standstill in the workshop.

Why is it worth choosing MPM back alarms?

  • They dramatically improve safety when reversing by warning all persons behind the vehicle or in its immediate surroundings. In this way, the risk of an accident involving workers or bystanders is minimized.
  • They are simple and easy to install. Small dimension of device allows to install even in difficult to reach places.
  • The type of sound emitted by sirens is clearly associated with an alarm (warning against danger) and cannot be ignored by a person directly in the danger zone.
  • They are characterized by the highest quality and durability as they are produced from the best commercially available components. Moreover, with the appropriate use of epoxy resin, they are protected against moisture, dirt and vibration.
  • They have gained recognition among many buyers and are now assembled in various kinds of trucks, vans, buses, agricultural machines and forklifts.