Piezo transducers PCA without generator



Piezo transducers produced by our company have the best acoustic and mechanical parameters. Due to a wide range of applications, they have gained recognition of many receipients, whom we can divide into three main groups:

    • Security branch –  piezo transducers are used in the production of various security devices for property protection and danger signaling. These devices can work alone or be a part of a larger alarm system. Our piezo transducers are also ideal for non-standard applications such as armored suitcases or lock.
    • Automotive branch – piezo transducers are used for signaling specific states and events. They can also inform about activation of a specific system or subsystem.
    • Industry branch – piezo transducers PCA are also used in many other branches of industry. High sound level and small dimensions distinguish our PCA on the market. High quality allows for unlimited use everywhere, where sound signaling is necessary.